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Deepfield, Software Behind Captivating Audio Capabilities Vivo V-Series

The latest Vivo V-Series, V11 and V11 Pro smartphones feature captivating audio capabilities that deliver balanced bass, midrange and treble sound. The secret lies in the audio software built into the device, namely Deepfield.

According to Jason Fanjaya as Product Manager of PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia, Deepfield is used when the user opens the music player function and sets the audio parameters based on the ear's capture power.

"The proposed menu includes instant settings for surround sound effects, bass and clear voice," he added in a written statement received by Tirto on Thursday night (29/11/2018).

Deepfield was also equipped with a default equalizer with 10 levels, namely pop, dance, blues, classical, jazz, slow tempo songs, electro, rock and country. However, continues Jason, users can also create their own settings.
explains Jason, when users listen to music with different types of headphones or headphones, the new Deepfield can work and the sound quality will be much more "solid" than the Vivo V11 Pro or Vivo V11 speakers .

"With the Headphone Adaptation menu, the capabilities of both V11 series to deliver reliable sound can be achieved through amplifiers or amplifiers that suppress sound, reduce noise and release," Jason continued.

Take advantage of voice optimization technology

In the V11 Pro and V11 versions, Vivo uses Deepfield to optimize audio output. With the dual trend behind the camera and the large screen / body ratio and body size becoming thinner, the use of large speakers is slightly reduced.
However, Vivo is still striving to deliver quality audio output on its latest mobile phones, as more and more users are viewing videos via smartphones.

By adapting the sleek design of the V11 Pro and V11 models, Vivo still wants to present stereo sound without having to install two speakers, which requires a lot of space. The technology to optimize Dirac Power Sound digital speakers is a solution to overcome space constraints.

To help small loudspeakers produce better sound, Dirac Power Sound uses AAC technology, which is embedded in more than half a billion smartphones around the world, including Vivo devices.

To pamper its users, Vivo presents its own music player, "i Music", in addition to Google Play Music as the default Android system package. Unlike other music players, Vivo cooperates with the audio effects developers to complete the sound adjustment parameters, so that the musical output played on the Vivo V11 Pro looks comfortable.
"Music is one of the entertainment often played by smartphone users. For this reason, Vivo wishes to continue to provide the best features of its products for playback of audio and video files with sound effects output on music applications integrated with Vivo V-Series. "Jason concluded.