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Javanese Motorbikes Launch, Are There Relationships with Indonesia?

The Javanese motorcycle brand has launched three new products in India to begin its renaissance in the two-wheeled automobile industry. All three products have a retro look, geared towards Javanese motorcycles in the 1970s.

Three new Javanese motorbikes, named Java, Java 42 and Jawa Perak, were introduced to the Indian public on November 15, 2018. The Javanese and Javanese models 42 have begun to be marketed, while the new Java Perak is available at the beginning of the 2019 market. .

Java and Java 42 are made in a classic style, inspired by the model Java 350 - a motorcycle made in Java in the 70s. Both engines are equipped with a similar engine with a displacement of 293 cm3, a power of 27 hp and a maximum torque of 28 Nm.

Java is not stingy to include modern technology in old-fashioned motorcycles. Rushlane launch, both engines feature a one-way ABS system for the front brakes.

Java 42 and Java have the same construction. It's just that, there are several different ornaments that become the differentiation of the appearance of both, such as the front fork cover, the front fender and the rearview mirror.

There are six color choices for Java 42: light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, cream and red. While Java has only three color variants, namely black, brown and gray.

The prices of Java 42 and Java are also different. Java 42 is cheaper at 155,000 rupees (about 31.7 million rupees), while Java is priced at 164,000 rupees (about 33.6 million rupees) and the unit is available at local resellers in India.

Another model, Jawa Perak, appears with a custom bobber style. A feature of the suspended seat construction does not stick with the subframe. Jawa Perak will sell for 198,000 rupees (about 45.2 million rupees).

Car manufacturers Mahindra and Mahindra (M & M) are behind the return of the Java motorcycle. The major Indian automakers have not acquired Java, but have provided licenses to use the Java brand.

In addition to relaunching Java, Mahindra also acquired the shares of a British motorcycle manufacturer, BSA. By clicking on the Indian bike, Mahindra deposited £ 400,000 with BSA Company Limited to obtain BSA patents.

Mahindra will sell Java motorbikes in India and export them to several countries. Production is carried out in the Mahindra factory in Pritampur. Motor Java is sold at a reseller other than the Mahindra motorcycle dealer.

Origin of Javanese names

Frantisek Janecek, the man born in Klaster on 28 January 1878, is a specialist engineer in combat equipment. During the First World War, he invented a number of innovations in the field of weapons, including a hand grenade that was later used by Czechoslovak soldiers.

After the war, the demand for weapons decreased. Janecek plays the brain to be able to earn enough money. He then looked at the two-wheeled automobile industry. In 1929, noting the Java Motorcycles page, Janecek bought the Wanderer motorcycle company from Winklhofer & Jaenicke.

Janecek no longer uses the Wanderer brand. He created a new brand, namely Java. Acronym of Janecek-Wanderer. It is certain that the name Java has nothing to do with Java in Indonesia.

Janecek's first project was to complete the development of the Wanderer 500 motorcycle. Janecek's hand was later named Java 500 OHV.

To strengthen the development process of a Javanese motorbike, Janecek recruited an engineer, also a former British rider, GW Patchett. From 1930, it was thought that Patchett was at the head of a Javanese motorbike designer.

Patchett's experience as a pilot as well as his expertise in the field of machines contributed to the manufacture of the second Java product. To adapt to the economic slowdown in the post-war Czech world, Patchett made motorcycles with small engines that can be sold at affordable prices.