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Brian Clough: The Big Mouth in English Football

It is always interesting to discuss English football, whether it's national teams that often spend months on the international scene, clubs, players or actors. Behind the excitement of English football, there are many stories that may surprise us to shake their heads.

The activity of forming a big club and bringing many achievements such as Jose Mourinho to Chelsea or Pep Guardiola to Barcelona is a normal thing. However, what would happen if various prestigious trophies were won during the formation of a lower level club? It was certainly very special and it was done by the figure of Brian Clough.

For the British public, Brian Clough is a manifestation of many things.

He is a talented coach, able to make the most of existing resources, an excellent motivator and the local media favorite whose comments are expected. Clough, written by The Guardian, is a mix of arrogance, generosity and doubt that has allowed a club like Nottingham Forest to win two victories on the European stage.

Before moving to the coaching profession, Clough was known to be a goal-striker. He was registered as defending Middlesbrough and Sunderland. According to UEFA records in Middlesbrough, Clough has scored 197 goals in 213 games. In Sunderland, he scored 54 goals in 61 games. Unfortunately, the statistics of moncer did not last long. At the age of 29, it can still be said that Clough had to retire due to a serious knee injury in 1962. However, the disaster caused his name to explode.

After hanging his shoes, Clough was invited to manage the Sunderland junior team for a while. Shortly after, in October 1965, he was recruited by Hartlepool United and became the youngest officer, aged 30 at the time. To launch his mission, he invited his colleague in Middlesbrough, Peter Taylor, to sit on the bench of assistants. Clough-Taylor is a dynamite of the English football arena. Similar to John Lennon-Paul McCartney in The Beatles or Mick Jagger-Keith Richards in The Rolling Stones.

The weather in Hartlepool did not go well

He was fired after one year as a manager. However, he did not need to be unemployed long. In 1967, he moved to Derby County. In this club, Clough got his first glorious boost: his promotion to Division I with a record of 22 games without defeat, champion of the Major League the following year by beating Liverpool and Leeds United, and reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup - now the Champions League before being defeated by Juventus. The key to Clough's success at Derby is the transfer strategy of the players who are right and the combat determination of the players on the field.

However, this success also had a negative impact on Clough-Taylor's relationship. The seeds of hostility between the two began to emerge as a result of the ego's war accumulation, miscommunication and the attitude of ignorance rightly felt. An example is Clough does not tell Taylor when he had a pay raise of £ 5,000. Finally, in 1973, they resigned. Going down the street asking them to survive what was done in public, Derby did not change his mind to Clough-Taylor.

After retiring from Derby, Clough experienced the lowest phase of his pioneering coaching career.

From Derby, he headed for Division III, Brighton and Hove Albion. In this club, Clough really feels how football is not as good as expected.

QuoteThese Football Times in Brighton and Hove Albion, Clough felt the harshness of the balloon culture that had never been imagined before. He was confronted with various difficult situations: tough competition between teams with little competition, resources far from expectations and mismanagement.