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Has the era of flying cars arrived?

The James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun" in 1974 presents Agent 007 James Bond with his flying car. The AMC Matador flying car with wide wings and wings on the roof looks like an airplane.

Four decades ago, the existence of flying cars was still limited to the imagination. However, now, flying cars have become a reality with various prototypes that have been successfully completed and have even entered the stage of mass production. US-based technology companies Terrafugia are poised to mass-produce and market a flying car called Terrafugia Transition.

Automotive News has claimed that Terrafugia has announced the opening of orders for Terrafugia Transition for the first production of flying cars. The unit will be distributed to buyers from early 2019.

Terrafugia Transition can load two passengers. The flying car is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine coupled with hybrid technology as a source of energy. In the air, the car can travel at a speed of 160 km / h with a cruising altitude of 2,743 meters.

To be able to fly, Terrafugia Transition has two wings that can be folded on the ground, with fins and propellers. By launching Automotive News, Transition can switch from "land" mode to "fly" mode in less than a minute.

The operating principle of the Terrafugia flying car does not look like a helicopter that can fly without a square beforehand.

You need a short track of at least 400 meters to fly over Terrafugia Transition. Note of the digital trend, the transition is part of the category of "legal aircraft", which means that the driver of the vehicle must have a flight license and a driver's license.

Terrafugia stated that the product was flying in accordance with the prevailing aviation regulations in which it operated, so as not to interfere with aircraft flights. The car has also been certified transport aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a civil aviation regulatory agency in the United States.

Terrafugia Transition has obtained a license to operate from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a road safety agency reporting to the United States Department of Transportation.

Terrafugia Transition is mass-produced after various improvements. The prototype of the flying car appeared in 2009. Later in 2012, Terrafugia renewed its flying car until it was finally ready for mass production. Various enhancements were made to Transition, including seat shapes, seat belts, airbags, and parachute systems. Terrafugia strives to have the same capabilities as the car when driving on highway and in flight.

"The development of this new technology allows us to try different types of mechanisms and produce a number of improvements during the manufacturing process," said Chris Jaran, CEO of Terrafugia, quoted by Express. "We are at a critical point where we can implement the best design based on the results of road tests and flight tests," Jaran said.

Terrafugia is a technology company founded in 2006 by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

A year ago, the Chinese car group Zheejiang Geely Holding Group acquired the shares of Terrafugia.

Under the control of Geely, Terrafugia will enter the niche market for modern vehicles. After releasing the Transition flying car, Terafugia has prepared the next flying car product called Terrafugia TF-X.

TF-X can carry four passengers. Flying cars are more convenient to use because they do not need a runway to fly or land.

"TF-X does not need an airport to take off and land, and the car can be used for different types of roads and highways - it's a convenient means of transportation for traveling," Jaran said. promoting his work.