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Klitih, Sometimes Endless Juvenile Delinquency

Yogyakarta was again moved by a case of fatal accident (allegedly linked to). However, this time they were the victims.

From the Twitter account @ MuhSujarw4 on Saturday 12/08/2018. The account of 3,302 subscribers wrote: "There are 2 children left, hit in the rearview mirror of a car with an iron staff, the owner of the car is angry, chased by these two children. children were killed instantly. " the

Many Warganets immediately responded to this song, especially from the Yogya region. Many sympathized with the driver's brutal attitude, and few of them regretted why the action must be sadistic. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of the story, @ MuhSujarw4 has also decided to delete it.

So far, in fact, we still did not know if the two motorcyclists who had been killed were really wrong.

Previously, Tribunnews had announced that a R1913VE pickup car had crashed into residents' homes following a motorcycle accident with a Scoopy AB2591EX motorcycle in front of Seyegan Health Center, Jalan Kebon Agung, Seyegan Hamlet, Margokaton, Slogonia, Yogyakarta, Friday (07 / 12/2018) morning.

According to information from the Sayegan police chief of public affairs, Paijan, reported by the Tribune, the driver of the van was Nur Irawan (33), a resident of Margomulyo Seyegan who works as a chicken dealer every day. In the early hours of the morning, he was about to leave for the village of Ketingan, Mlati, with his wife, Ethics Dwi Novices (29). Just in front of the Mlati district office, Nur Irawan was adopted by Scoopy runners around 14:15 WIB.

"Well, over there, the glass of the car was hit by a stick, and then, because it was hit, it was automatically driven out." When at the Sayegan crossroads, the information sent to Scoopy was threatening. she said, "I do not know," "explained the Tribune. Nur Irawan, who had not received the challenge, finally sued Scoopy in front of the Sayegan health center. Laka was then unavoidable with two Scoopy riders killed on the spot, RK (18) and AN (18).

On the same day, Friday 12/07/2018, Jawa Pos also reported on Laka's case. "There are allegations of criminals, but there are still not enough witnesses," said Sleman regional police Laka Kanit, Iptu Rahandy Gusti Pradana, quoted by Jawa Pos.
Klitih, Yogya and deterrent effects
Yogyakarta is a paradoxical city. On the one hand, it is known as a student city and as one of the tourist centers in Indonesia offering cultural tourism under the slogan "Jogja is Comfortable". Moreover, the city is also closely associated with the history of bloodthirsty brutality.

In the early 1980s, Yogyakarta became the seat of Suharto's policy to defeat thugs. Politics, called "mysterious shooting" ("petrus"), was aimed at the bromocrats of the teri class to any tattooed person who did not know his profession well. This incident then spread to all Java, with a number of victims of about ten thousand people.

The policy was initially aimed at ensuring the safety of the community.

However, in reality, this was just another pretext to create a wave of fear for the benefit of the ruling New Order group. This was admitted by Suharto himself in his autobiography. He described the "Peter" action that occurred in 1982-1983 as having deliberately delivered, through the chief executor of the soldiers, as "shock therapy"

Later, diggers or a combination of wild children will be used as vigilantes to launch economic projects in the New Order. Some pockets of rogue power, which got the protection of the state, were then born in Yogya, including one in Badran and Terban. As the city progressed to the north, where campuses and entertainment flourished, a new group of thugs appeared that changed the power map of the road.